Developer FAQ

What is Ryu Coin?

Ryu Coin is a real-money tournament system, allowing gamers to play real-money tournaments in multiplayer games of skill.

Why implement Ryu Coin?

Real-money tournaments is an easy way to attract more users to your game and increase user engagement and retention. On top of this, developers will receive fees from every wager made on their games. This creates a passive revenue stream long after the initial download. Game developers will also receive a partnership bonus paid out in Ryu Coin.

What is a Ryu Coin Partnership?

A Ryu Coin partnership is a way for us to build relationships with developers and promote our product. Partnered developers are given a partnership bonus of 50,000 RYU. In return we ask for use of their logo and applicable game icons on our website and social media posts. The partnership bonus is conditional upon implementation of the Ryu platform into the agreed upon games once the system becomes available.

What do I have to do?

Developers only need to sign a letter of intent and send us your studio logo and applicable game icons to be eligible for the bonus; no work has to be done on the game at the time of signing. To receive the bonus, the developer needs to implement the API into one of their applicable games when it is available in Q1 of 2019. The agreement is non-binding, and should the developer change their mind they can back out at anytime.

How do I implement Ryu Coin?

Implementation involves integrating our API into the developer’s competitive multiplayer games. The process will be pain-free as we will have a team of support engineers available to help during the onboarding process. As the platform only requires the integration of a simple API it will be available for games made for any console or platform.

How does Ryu Coin work?

Ryu Coin uses blockchain technology to allow real-money tournaments through the use of a smart contract deployed on the NEO blockchain. Through the use of blockchain, we are able to ensure that all entry fees are completed quickly and transparently, and can pay users and developers within minutes of a tournament ending.

When will Ryu Coin be Available?

Our V1 platform will be released in Q4 2018 on a set of our in house games and will be followed by our token sale about a month later. We will be expanding integration to our development partners’ games starting in Q1 2019.

Will I be able to go from RYU to USD?

We are working to have RYU listed on major exchanges. Once listed on an exchange, you will be able to trade RYU into NEO, then to BTC or ETH on any popular exchange such as Binance or Bittrex, and then to fiat currency through sites such as Coinbase.