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Blockchain-based platform designed for players to real-money tournaments in online video games of skill.


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About Ryu Coin

Ryu Coin (pronounced ) is a token designed to facilitate real-money tournaments on everyday video games.

Real-money online video game tournaments is rapidly emerging.
In the U.S. alone 65 percent of households are home to at least one person who plays three or more hours of video games per week and 53% of the most frequent gamers play multiplayer games for at least 6 hours a week2.

We are currently pursuing partnerships
Our V1 platform will be released in Q4 2018 on a set of our in house games and will be followed by our token sale about a month later. We will be expanding integration to our development partners’ games starting in Q1 2019. Developer FAQ

How it Works

Blockchain technology offers a compelling solution to making real-money video game tournaments fast and secure. Every tournament fee will be secured by a smart contract on the NEO network - making transactions immutable and distributed. The NEO blockchain can handle up to 1,000 transactions per second and a new block is created about every 15 seconds. With Ryu, entry fees are held by our Ryu Vault Smart Contract, thus eliminating the need for a trusted intermediary. Since Ryu Vault handles all of the transactions, users are able to withdraw and deposit funds at any time with no fees.

Ryu Coin

Ryu Coin is what is used by the Ryu Ecosystem to pay entry fees on real-money tournaments. Players pay entry fees and win prizes with our token. The funds are split between the winning players (this can be more than one person if it is a team match).

Ryu Vault

Ryu Vault is the smart contract that governs the Ryu Ecosystem. The contract is responsible for handling deposting/withdrawing, tournament creation/events, paying out winnings, and dispute handling. Gamers will interact with the Ryu Vault smart contract through the use of the Ryu Home Base App.


Gamers simply have to go through a few steps to play with Ryu. First they must make an account on our website and undergo KYC (know your customer) verification. Next they need to download the Ryu Home Base App and connect their wallet to their Ryu account. Then they transfer Ryu Coin to the Ryu Vault Smart Contract.


Developers will first need to be approved access to the platform from the Ryu team. Next they will need to implement our API into their system. Integration of games with the Ryu Ecosystem will be done on a case by case basis. Once approved, developers will send match data to the Ryu Server using our API to interact with the Ryu Vault Smart Contract.


Games — both inhouse and third-party — that have agreed to implement Ryu's platform when it is available.


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Full-stack and mobile developer in charge of the design of Ryu's system. Interned at Amazon as an SDE doing full-stack development and at Grubhub as an iOS developer. He has published numerous iOS apps to the App Store.

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Overseeing partner relations and outreach. He studied Neuroscience at Northwestern and has worked with Northwestern sports medicine as an assistant trainer for the football team.

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Nick is a City of Zion contributor and Senior Blockchain Engineer at O3 Labs. He brings a wealth of knowledge about the NEO ecosystem, development and strategy.

Asaf is a FinTech and blockchain professional, particularly within the field of financial markets with a decade of experience working in startups and corporations, most recently at Goldman Sachs.

Shimon is an experienced FinTech engineer, most recently developing low-latency, scalable and secure equities trading platforms at Goldman Sachs.

Tony Wilkins is a veteran private investor in early stage companies. He mentors, connects, coaches and invests in Seed and Series A rounds of startups. His 39 investments to date include SpotHero, SA Ignite and PageVault. In 2001, he funded ASAP Advisor Services, a database population firm for asset managers, which was sold to eVestment in 2011.

Tom Plunkett is a Consulting Solutions Director with Oracle. He has written several books and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency topics. Previously, he practiced patent law for a law firm, and he is admitted to the Virginia State Bar and the Patent Bar. He has also taught computer science courses for Virginia Tech.

Paul Hsu is an investor & growth entrepreneur, innovating on the next generation consumer platforms and blockchain technologies. For over 20 years, across Silicon Valley, the Midwest & NYC, he has invested, advised and led companies in such high growth markets as: consumer platforms, social mobile entertainment, digital casino gaming, virtual goods, and blockchain technologies.